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ASEAN Peoples’ Forum 2015 to heighten awareness for people-centred region

ASEAN Peoples’ Forum (APF) 2015 will be expecting over 1,400 participants in to attend the annual civil society conference in Kuala Lumpur, which aims to bring together members of civil society and government to discuss the concerns of people in the region. “It’s going to be an incredible gathering of civil society organisations, activists, international agencies, and government representatives from …

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Straits Times’ lack of journalistic integrity worrying

By Carlton Tan / Article first published on “Asian Correspondent“ According to The Online Citizen (TOC), Amos Yee’s mother did not file a police report to have her son arrested, contrary to a report in the Straits Times (ST) which suggested that she did. Mrs Mary also did not have her son declared to be beyond her control, as the …

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IDA defends hiring of employee accused of possessing fake MBA

Nisha Padmanabhan is an employee of the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore, a statutory board under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). She was hired as an Applications Consultant by the IDA in 2014. Ms Nisha, an Indian-born Singapore citizen who apparently has been working in Singapore since 2006, has a Bachelor’s degree “from a reputable university”, according …

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CEO cuts his salary so his staff could be paid more

How many chief executive officers (CEO) you know would cut their own salaries and give it to their employees? That was precisely what one CEO in Seattle did recently. Dan Price, the boss of Gravity Payments, a credit-card payment processing firm which he set up in 2004 when he was 19-years old, told his staff that he will be cutting …

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Tribute paintings to LKY depicting “The Father” through the years

The Straits Times ran an article on 15 April about a series of paintings by artists paying tribute to the late former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Among the paintings was a piece titled “The Father VII” (2013), by local artist Boo Sze Yang, that depicts Mr Lee Kuan Yew throughout the years. Mr Boo’s online resume indicates that he …

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Amendments to Housing and Development Bill – too much power, too few safeguards

By Ravi Philemon The Housing and Development (Amendment) Bill was passed on 13 April 2015. The Amendment to this Bill gives HDB officers the power of entry into HDB flats, greater powers to carry out investigations and urgent repairs. It also increases fines for unauthorised renovation and imposes financial penalties, as well as specify varying amount of penalty for lease infringements. To …

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