Daily Archives: 2015-03-31

“Fully empathize with Amos’s situation as to a mother”

Mdm Judy Tan Reflecting on both the late Lee Kuan Yew’s overblown and overrated state funeral along with the charging in Court of teenager, Amos Yee today, I can’t help but pen this thought. Being the mother of an “overgrown” child myself, I fully empathize with Amos’s situation as to a mother, her child never quite grows and will always …

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Police queried on 4-year old case involving ex-YPAP member

A member of the public has posted a query with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) over a four-year old incident involving a former Young PAP (YPAP) member. Mr Paul Chen, posting on the SPF’s Facebook page on Tuesday, was referring to the incident involving then YPAP member, Jason Neo, in 2011. Mr Neo had posted online a photo he had …

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Remembering my mother, Lim Geok Lian

By Teo Soh Lung Today (24 March) is the third anniversary of my mother’s death. Born in Kuching, Sarawak, she did not receive any formal education. She spoke pure Hokkien and a little Malay but not a word of English or Mandarin. For practical reasons, my father sent all his eight children to English language schools. It must have been …

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FEAR is dead

By Teo Soh Lung Four days ago, Kenneth and I were asked by journalists from Hong Kong if we were going to pay our respect to Lee Kuan Yew. Kenneth replied that he would not. When pressed for an answer as to why, he muttered something like it was not necessary. The young journalists were persistent in finding an answer …

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Amos Yee charged in court for 3 alleged offences

Amos Yee, the 16-year old whose video diatribe against the late Lee Kuan Yew went viral in just a matter of hours after it was released online, has been slapped with several charges on Tuesday. According to local news reports, Mr Yee, who was unrepresented in court, is being charged with: Allegedly causing matter to be seen and heard by …

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Teenager behind offensive video to face 3 charges today

16-year-old Amos Yee faces 3 charges later today (31 March). He will be charged for wounding religious feelings, circulating obscene material and harassment. The charges come after more than 20 police reports were lodged his 8-minute video and blog where he criticizes Christians and the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The video has since been made private. Yee was arrested …

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