Fundraising initiated for family who lost a son due to assault by co-workers


Fauzi (left), Fazli (right)

A kind hearted friend has created a fund raiser for the family who has just lost a son due to an assault by the son’s co-workers.

Muhammad Fazli Bin Osni, 22 succumbed to fatal injuries sustained from an assault by fellow co-workers and the cause of death is said to be due to cardio respiratory failure.

Alex Chua Kwee Woon, a friend who got permission from Fazli’s family members, went out of his way to create a fund raiser to seek donations from members of public who would like to help Fazli’s family to tide over this trying period.

Prior to the incident, Fazli lived together with his brother, Fauzi, 22 and their dad in a single room flat.

Just last year November, the two brothers got into a motorbike accident which caused Fauzi to have half of his body temporary paralysed and went into a coma for two months. He eventually woke up in mid Jan 2015, while Fazli went unhurt with just few bruises. Their grandmother also passed away soon after he went into coma.

When Fauzi regained conscious, life was never the same for him. His physical and mental state was of a lower capability than what he used to have.

As Fauzi is unable to work, Fazli and their dad both have to work to look after him.

Alex wrote that this is a very devastating and period of hard times for his family and hope that people could give a helping hand to help his family to support his brother and the necessary expenses required in near future.

Over 5,500 dollars have been donated towards the fundraising.

For those who wish to make their donation through the fundraising website, you can visit the page here.

For those who would like to make an offline donation. You can make a transfer to POSB SAVINGS account number, 228-26607-8 . Please remember to drop a SMS/Whatsapp to 93658266 with your name, amount transferred and email address so that the fund raiser can keep a reference.

The cause of his fatal injury 

According to the fundraiser, Fazli was released from national service last year after serving s a store man in Pasir Labar Camp and went to work under a subcontractor company constructing on a new project for a well known media company at Portsdown road.

On Monday, 23 March, he was in charge of directing the crane unloading from above holding a two-tonne steel platform.

Right below, there was a Chinese national foreign worker which is also his colleague. Sensing danger, he signaled his co-worker to move away. However, it was said that there was a language barrier between the two as the co-worker only knows Chinese while Fazli speaks English/Malay. So a misunderstanding was created between the two. The co-worker along with another 5 other Chinese national, whom was called up by the co-worker, assaulted Fazli with weapons.

A police report was lodged and so far four of the perpetrators have been caught with two still on the run.

Fazli was then admitted to National University Hospital (NUH) and after all the necessary check up and scan, the doctor determined him as okay and discharged him with just three days medical leave along with some medications.

He was resting at home on Tuesday and everything seems fine as he could still can walk around.

However on Wednesday, 25 March, his brother, Fauzi tried to wake him up but to no avail as he was already lying breathlessness on the bed with blood out from the side of his lips.

It was said that the ambulance and a large number of police officers arrived at the house and Fazli was pronounced dead at 13:35 hours.

Fazli’s body was taken back to the mortuary at Singapore General Hospital for post-mortem examination. Preliminary results indicate that his death is due to cardio respiratory failure. It will take another 3 – 4 months because the actual cause of death can be determined.

Fauzi was buried on Thursday noon after body was retrieved from the hospital.

TOC has written to the police to seek further information about the incident.