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Lee Kuan Yew’s death will set the people free

By Tan Wah Piow In life, Lee Kuan Yew’s sole concern was to be feared by his countrymen. He was so spectacularly successful in this pursuit that by the time of his death, he was left with no cohorts, only minions. He will be remembered as an accomplished dictator who maintained a veneer of democracy and the grand illusion of …

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The post-LKY era

By Ng E-Jay Mr Lee Kuan Yew governed Singapore with an iron fist. Under his reign as Prime Minister, he enacted tough laws against public assembly and even public speaking. He imprisoned many people without trial under the ISA, he muzzled the press, he created a highly un-level political playing field, and he co-opted the best and brightest of society …

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Let’s celebrate, not lament, Lee Kuan Yew’s life

By Aloysius Chia There is a tinge of sadness and lament in many who hoped that Lee Kuan Yew – the man who has influenced Singapore in an indelible way, who brought Singapore to independence with a strong team of leaders with conviction, and a people with determination to economic success – will remain. It is hoped that the certainty …

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Former Minister S Dhanabalan resigned over detention of Marxist Conspirators?

“We had a difference and the whole Cabinet knew,” former Cabinet Minister S Dhanabalan revealed while sharing his thoughts on Mr Lee Kuan Yew a day after Mr Lee’s demise, making specific reference to the detention of the Marxist Conspirators in 1987, where 22 people were arrested and detained without trial under the Internal Security Act. In his tribute to Mr …

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PAP Minister’s tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew draws flak online

In a Facebook post, Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck dedicated a workout he just completed to former Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew, which he created and named “LKY91”, as a tribute to the elderly statesman who passed away on Monday, 23 March. Mr Teo’s tribute, however, did not go down too well among his fans. When …

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