Daily Archives: 2015-03-17

The PAP flyer and freedom of speech

By Masked Crusader The PAP has consistently refused to participate in public debates against opposition politicians, preferring instead to take up the cudgel—and use knuckledusters—within the safe confines of Parliament, where it is able to gang up on vastly outnumbered opponents, and through the mainstream media which it controls. The PAP flyer distributed recently within the Aljunied GRC is, therefore, …

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St Patrick’s day celebration parade 2015

The annual St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Singapore had its parade on 15 March (Sunday), which is part of the Irish celebrations that took place between 14 to 16 March. This is the tenth parade held in Singapore so far. St Patrick’s Day, which falls on the Mar 17, commemorates the life of the patron saint of Ireland and is also …

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Much to be done after St Patrick’s Day

By Howard Lee When The Online Citizen posted on Facebook an announcement on the St Patrick’s Day street parade, commenters immediately drew comparisons between the event and the Thaipusam incident earlier this year where three men were arrested for causing a disturbance. Commenters were quick to point out that the use of musical instruments, the presence of a procession and …

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Much ado about St Patrick’s Day

By Winston Tay Its history goes back centuries, yet its evolution not so clearly documented; when you want to talk about how St Patrick’s Day found its way into Singapore, Wikipedia simply will not cut it. The death anniversary of the British-born, Ireland-based bishop, which should actually have been observed today, has transitioned from being a religious affair, to a cultural celebration, …

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