Daily Archives: 2015-03-16

Living the kampong spirit – sense of community

By Howard Lee The progressive narrative has dominated much of Singapore’s development, and while this has generally been seen from the perspective of economy development, the physical changes it has wrought on our living spaces is just as undeniable. Much of the anguish that has arisen from Chek Jawa and Bukit Brown has stemmed from an uneasiness that our quest …

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Freedom Film Fest: A $5000 film grant to be won by filmmakers

A shoutout to Singapore filmmakers from the FreedomFilmFest! This year a Singaporean filmmaker will get a film grant of $5000 SGD if his or her proposal is selected from the pitch.  The organiser of the FreedomFilmFest 2015 is asking filmmakers to send in their films and film ideas for the Film Grant Program (Submission link here) and for films to be featured in …

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Living the kampong spirit – the ghost of kampongs past

By Simon Vincent In a somewhat poignant article, the Straits Times reported on the dwindling rusticity of Kampong Lorong Buangkok — the last kampong in mainland Singapore. The replacement of wood with metal during the latest renovation can be read as a symbol of encroaching modernisation. The shifting topography of Kampong Lorong Buangkok brings to mind the classic thought experiment …

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Did PAP activists break the law in distributing flyers?

By Ariffin Sha A team of activists from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) had distributed flyers urging residents of Aljunied GRC to question the Workers’ Party past midnight last Friday. Enough have been said about the morals, or lack thereof, of their antics. I would now like to explore whether the actions of these activists were even legal in the first place. …

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