Flight from Singapore to Taipei makes an U-turn due to medical emergency

Scoot flight number, TZ202 which was flying from Singapore to Taipei on 10 March at 1 am had to make a return flight back to Singapore due to an on-board passenger medical emergency.

A passenger who is an elderly lady suffering from stroke, requested for medical assistance at around 1.30 am. A fellow passenger with medical background offered help and had her condition stabilised.

However at 2 am, her condition worsened and the lady passed out a few times. The flight was then announced to be returned to Singapore only at around 2.45 am.

The elderly lady was accompanied with her daughter and son. According to her son, she has high diabetics and this is her first time suffering from stroke.

The plane finally touched down at Changi Airport around 4.20 am.  The elderly lady was unconscious when she was sent to Changi hospital.


The flight to Taipei is rescheduled to 5:30 am

Reported by an on-board TOC reader and verified with Scoot.