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10 reasons why CPF savings are unquestionably your money

Nominated Member of Parliament Chia Yong Yong has ruffled some feathers with her remarks in Parliament – where she said she is “not entirely sure” if Singaporeans’ Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings belong to Singaporeans, or that they are “private money”. Lest there be any doubt that CPF monies are indeed Singaporeans’ or CPF members’ money, here are 10 reasons …

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SDP to publish new book on Chee Soon Juan

Singapore Democratic Party’s press release on the publication of a new book of its Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan in end March. The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is proud to announce the publication of a new book about party Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan. The book, entitled, Thinker Teacher Rebel Why? Portraits of Chee Soon Juan is a set of reflections on Dr Chee. …

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CPF are not our monies, really?

By Judy Tan As I sit listening to the “Highlights of Parliament” these nights and glancing through “Straits Times” during lunch hour, this elderly auntie cannot help but feel a sense of despair and hopelessness made even worse with Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Chia Yong Yong’s speech. I am very much appalled by her mannerism and tone in reaction …

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