Daily Archives: 2015-03-05

Analyzing Budget 2015 properly

By Donald Low The Business Times has a good piece on the Budget, “Moving left? Let’s set the context right” by Kelly Tay. I agree with the writer: most of the MPs posturing and pontificating about fiscal sustainability simply don’t understand how the Budget is presented. It is deliberately presented very conservatively – some revenues are excluded and some “expenditures” (such …

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Alex Au fined $8,000 for contempt of court, will appeal

Blogger Alex Au was fined $8,000 today, 5 March for contempt of court over an article he wrote on his blog in October 2013. Mr Au’s article had allegedly implied that the Chief Justice showed partiality towards two constitutional challenges against Section 377A, the law which criminalises sex between men. Mr Au, 62, insisted that his article made no such references, and …

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NSP’s back-track on Presidential appeal in need of reason

By Ariffin Sha Political Author Dr Derek De Cunha once remarked that “some of the opposition parties in Singapore are more in opposition towards each other than they are towards the PAP.” The series of events discussed in this article certainly do seem to lend weight to Dr De Cunha’s remark. Even as Singapore matures as a nation state, there …

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