Daily Archives: 2015-03-02

TWC2 rescues domestic worker trapped in house without leave for two years

  By TWC2 Late November 2014, an email came from the blogsite Tremeritus about an Indonesian domestic worker who was not allowed to leave her employer’s house for two years. The email sender said “hope you guys can take a look at this case seriously. The poor maid is said to be always hungry and begging for food from neighbour.” …

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NSP on Budget: Cut cost of living, address base issues

While supporting a number of the initiatives from Budget 2015, the National Solidarity Party (NSP) called for the government to make several improvements to ensure that the elderly receive assistance urgently, reduce overall cost of living rather than provide subsidies, and focus on base issues such as rentals for businesses and social costs of policies. The NSP welcomes the measures to provide …

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