SJP: Government still living in the Ivory Tower

SJP featured

Singapore Justice Party issues its statement in response to the Budget 2015

In 2015 Budget, DPM and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has shifted the government
focus towards more of caring and support to the middle/lower income groups.

There are increase of CPF Ceiling to $6,000, enhancing of interest rate in retirement, Silver Support
Scheme for the Elderly and Lifelong Learning. They are either shifting their goal post as election is
drawing near or pressure from ground.

However, as good as the budget can be, it show the government are still living in the Ivory Tower.

  1. With the CPF Ceiling increase to $6,000, it actually cost more for the company to engage Singaporeans. This make hiring foreigners even more attractive as they still paying zero levy if they are on the EP.
  2. Those businesses that are struggling to engage workers is labour-intensive industries like construction, shipping and service line. With Singaporeans getting more educated, these industries no longer appeal to them. As such, in order for these industries to survive in Singapore, the levy for foreign workers should be lowered with more foreign quota.
  3. With the fall of global crude oil price, is there a need to increase the petroleum tax when people just starting to have some saving from this circumstance?One year partial road tax rebate is insufficient to cover the ever-increasing petroleum tax. Increase in petroleum tax will be a chain effect where the taxi drivers and salesperson who are always on the run will be highly affected. Therefore the business cost will inflat, follow by the increase in consumer price and finally spread across the whole of Singapore.With this increase in petrol tax, it’s mainly for the government coffer. Nothing is taken out to help to lower down the transportation costs of the public transport commuters which can’t justified for the increase of tax.

It’s only a carrot by the rulling party to make the people feel that the government do care for the well being of Singaporeans but most of our people are still struggling to meet the end needs, especially the sandwich group.