Daily Archives: 2015-02-25

SDP: Budget shows why Singaporeans should support the opposition

By Singapore Democratic Party In his 2015 Budget, Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has shifted the Government towards a less extreme elitist position.  Two initiatives bear this out: The raising of taxes on the top 5% income earners and the Silver Support Scheme where quarterly hand-outs are given to senior citizens who are unable to support themselves.  It is important to …

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Over $24b hidden from the public eye?

By Harry Yew $8.5 billion top-ups to Endowment and Trust Funds According to the 2015 Budget’s ANNEX C: FISCAL POSITION IN FY2015 – the Top-ups to Endowment and Trust Funds in FY2014 (revised) is $8.5 billion. Not expenditure In every other country in the world, this would not be reflected in the Budget, under IMF fiscal reporting guidelines, as an …

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SMRT wins at the Global Risk Awards 2015

  SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) won its first award at the Institute of Risk Management (IRM)’s Global Risk Awards in the category of Delivering Value through Risk Management. The award was presented to SMRT’s representative on Thursday, 19 February in London and marks the first such award won by SMRT and by a Singapore company. The award by IRM, the world’s …

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Budget 2015 not quite as rosy as made out to be

By Howard Lee The cynical among us would see Budget 2015 as an extension of a vote-buying scheme from Budget 2014. The focus of 2014 was on the elderly through the Pioneer Generation Package, and 2015 saw a distinctive shift towards the middle-income wage earners. Some attention was paid on the Silver Support Scheme and levelling CPF contributions, but a …

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