Daily Archives: 2015-02-13

AGO had also found shortcomings in ministries and others: Png

“Over the years, the AGO has found sad instances of over payments, payments without evidence that goods and services were delivered, duplicate payments and in one instance amounting to $18.6 million, and etc in many ministries and organs of states it audited,” said Png Eng Huat, Member of Parliament (MP) for Hougang single-member constituency in Parliament on Thursday. Mr Png, …

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Cutting through the smog to the facts on AHPETC

The debate in Parliament over the Workers’ Party town council, AHPETC, has been fiery with many accusations thrown at the WP. It would thus be good to go beyond the political rhetoric and accusations and look at things factually. In this regard, we will be presenting each main issue here, giving the facts so that Singaporeans can better understand them, …

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No go for HLP event – police cites “significant risk of public disorder”

The Singapore Police Force has rejected an application by Gilbert Goh to hold an event at Speakers’ Corner on Saturday, 14 February. Mr Goh’s event is titled “In Solidarity with Singaporean Indians – Thaipusam  to be Made a Public Holiday”. “We have four races here and though Deepavali is celebrated as a public holiday, Thaipusam which is an important Hindu …

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AGC tries to have its cake and eat it?

By Gangasudhan The Attorney General Chambers (AGC) issued a 163-word statement on Wednesday with regard to the public discourse surrounding the Thaipusam incident, comprising four paragraphs that look like they were written by five different people. The main aim appears to be the suggestion that comments made publically may be sub judice contempt of court if they are calculated to …

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