Mindef files court application, Ting & TOC ready to refute allegations

mindef TOC

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has replied to Dr Ting Choon Ming’s and The Online Citizen’s decision not to accede to its demands in relation to the article on Dr Ting Choon Ming’s patent infringement case with the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF).

According to AGC, MINDEF has applied for an order under Section 15(2) of the Protection from Harassment Act, and a pre-trial conference is fixed for TOC on 5 March 2015, 9.30am.

TOC also understand that AGC has issued a similar letter to Dr Ting.

TOC is consulting its lawyer, Mr Eugene Thuraisingam, on its next steps to take. TOC will be defending this case rigorously to prevent any abuse of the Protection from Harassment Act, and will strongly make the point that it is improper for a Ministry to use the Act.

This case has wider implications on freedom of speech, and if Mindef is successful, it will open the Act to a floodgate of potential abuse by Ministries and powerful companies.

Dr Ting, speaking through his lawyer from Peter Low LLC, said, “I will strongly resist MINDEF’s attempt to use the Protection from Harassment Act in this manner. MINDEF is fully entitled to, and has, told their side of the story on numerous platforms. Relying on the Harassment Act is overkill.”

Attached below is the latest letter from AGC to TOC, which we understand is similar to that sent to Dr Ting.

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