Dr Ting and TOC respond to Mindef’s charge of harassment

On 28 January, Dr Ting Choon Meng received a lawyer’s letter from the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) threatening to use the Protection from Harassment Act against him unless he signs a written undertaking.

The letter was sent on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), alleging that Dr Ting has made “false statements” against MINDEF about an earlier case where he had sued MINDEF for allegedly infringing on the patent rights for his invention, the Station With Immediate First-Aid Treatment (SWIFT) vehicle.

The Online Citizen also received a similar letter from the AGC, where the AGC also threatened to use the Protection from Harassment Act against us unless we remove our original report, or append a preface to it that redirects to MINDEF’s clarification statement on the issue.

TOC has declined to accede to the AGC’s demands.

Both Dr Ting and TOC have sought legal advice on the letters. Attached are the letters from the AGC, and the responses from Dr Ting and TOC.

Letter from AGC to Dr. Ting

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Letter from Dr. Ting to AGC

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Letter from AGC to TOC

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Letter from TOC to AGC

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