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Thaipusam incident: Three charged for disorderly behaviour and attacking police officers

Three Singaporean men were charged in court on Saturday morning for disorderly behavior and attacking police officers during the annual Thaipusam procession earlier in the week. Ramachandra Chandramohan, 32, was alleged to have punched, kicked and verbally abused four police officers. He is also being charged with disorderly behavior and faces seven charges in total, the highest number among the trio. …

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Hindus and Singaporeans want equality and fairness, not privileges

  By Masked Crusader Law Minister, K. Shanmugam, weighed in on the Thaipusam fracas in a facebook post in which he says the annual Thaipusam street procession means that Hindus receive “a special privilege not enjoyed by others”. Hindus, therefore, are not discriminated against. The arguments and logic presented by him are most unworthy of someone trained in law not …

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News reports wrong about Thaipusam incident, says devotee

The following is a Facebook page posting by Mr Mohan, also known as “King Chola Hercules”, who says he was one of the three men arrested for the scuffle during a Thaipusam procession in Serangoon Road on Tuesday. In his note, which he said was “to let the public know my point of view” about the incident, Mr Mohan says …

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Hindus given special privileges: Shanmugam

Law Minister K Shanmugam has responded to questions on why music and musical instruments are banned during the Hindu street procession of Thaipusam. On Tuesday, a fracas broke out between some devotees and police officers when the former were told not to use the musical instruments they had with them. Three persons were eventually arrested for the scuffle. Mr Shanmugam …

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