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According to a survey by Blackbox Research, the Government regained ground in citizen satisfaction for the last quarter and finished the year with a slightly better index score under its Blackbox Policy Satisfaction Index.

The survey which was carried out between October and December 2014, is made up from responses of over 3,000 residents.

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Blackbox Research claims the survey group to be representative of Singapore’s population. But even so, the top increase of satisfaction by residents recorded on the issue of transportation leaves the credibility of the survey questionable.

Apart from transportation, satisfaction is also said to be have increased for issues on jobs and government accountability.

The areas which satisfaction levels are the lowest are tax, crime and CPF.

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For the upcoming General Elections, the survey shows that Singaporeans in different areas have different perceptions of whether they think the PAP will win more votes than they did in the last election.

Of those who have been surveyed, residents from the central district are more optimistic of the results by the incumbent goverment with 73% saying that the PAP would probably get the same or more votes than last election while the other 27% said that they would probably do worse than in 2011.

As for the other areas, those who think that PAP would probably perform better than last election area as follow;

  • North, 62%
  • North-East, 65%
  • East, 54%
  • West, 60%

Overall, a majority of respondents felt that the PAP would probably get more votes than it did in 2011 when it won 60.1% of the valid votes in the election. But the percentage of that has dropped since the last quarter.

Below is the report in full



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