Historical new high for Cat D COE


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By SGCharts.com

The price of motorcycle COEs (Cat D) has hit a historical new high at $5,504!

In comparison, the average price of motorcycle COEs was just $1,757 in 2013, and $4,027 in 2014. The price has tripled in over a year!

The price jump is due to the 30% reduction of Cat D quotas in 2014 and the panic buying ahead of the Euro III emission standards. Cat D quotas for February to April 2015 have been trimmed yet again, falling from 1,901 to 1,710 over the previous quarter.

Prices of the other COE categories have fallen, but the price of a “mass-market car” COE (Cat A) is still very close to that of a luxury car COE (Cat B).

At $62,002, Cat A is 87% of the price of Cat B ($70,890). The difference is $8,888.

How do commercial vehicles (Cat C) compare to luxury cars (Cat B)?

At $52,101, Cat C is 74% of the price of Cat B ($70,890). The difference is $18,789.


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