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Dr Ting justifies his patent for SWIFT against Mindef – Extract 1

The Online Citizen earlier reported on how Dr Ting Choon Ming had sued the Ministry of Defence for allegedly infringing on intellectual property for his invention, the Station With Immediate First-Aid Treatment (SWIFT) vehicle. When he dropped the case due to a lack of funds to finance the suit, Mindef countered by applying for a court order to revoke his patent. The following …

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Dr. Ting to facebook commenter: Pathetic to compare SWIFT with field hospital

Dr. Ting Choon Meng, local inventor and entrepreneur who was embroiled in the patent case between his company, MobileStats Technologies Pte Ltd and Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) speaks out against comments posted on TOC’s comment thread about his letter from MINDEF/Attorney General’s Chamber. Read here for the affidavit submitted by Dr. Ting. I have read enough of Joe Tan’s posting …

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