Still being hung out to dry by HDB after one year of enquiry

By Clarence Raj

I have run out of ideas to solve my problem hence I’m writing in to you hoping there are some good people out there.

I’m Clarence Raj. I have been chasing the Housing Development Board for an answer to what I believe that I have been cheated by a HDB officer. And it seems to be HDB is not looking into my complaint and trying to cover up this serious mistake made by their officer.

From the time my wife was 3 months pregnant till now my son is coming to 2 months old, the only reply I got from HDB is ‘ Sir we are looking into this’

In 2010, my mum’s CPF account had no money to pay for her flat and i was advised by a HDB officer in Tampines branch office to include my name in to make payments for my mum’s flat.

I only agreed so after being told by the officer that this is a new scheme to help elderly parents who have insufficient funds in their CPF account. I clearly remember this sentence.

“Sir, you may withdraw your name anytime you want and what ever you paid for so far would be put back into your CPF account.”

Having told that I agreed and signed. Nothing was mentioned about who or how this amount would be refunded back into my account.

About a year ago, my relationship between my mum and me turned sour as I wanted to marry someone out of our race. So I decided I shall get my own flat for my own family. I went down to HDB branch office and got the shock of my life when i was told in order to withdraw my name, my mum must pay me the sum that i have paid so far which is about $57,000. I was not told of this in 2010 by the officer.

In common sense theory, if my mum can’t pay a smaller amount in the start, there is surely no way she could pay me a bigger amount back to me after a few years and as such I wouldn’t have signed the documents in 2010.

Ever since then I have going to HDB as i believe if it was the mistake of the HDB officer then i should not be held accountable for it. So far some of the answers;

1)(Counter staff) we cant find out who the officer who handled your case as the records are in the store room.

2) Mr Elijah from Tampines branch even tried to talk me round the whole mistake quoting “Sir, you are now the co owner meaning when you sell the flat you will get 50% of the amount” and even gave me a silly idea that I should rent a house in the open market.

Finally he said he will get back to me with an answer which he didn’t and after nearly 2 months, I went back to HDB Tampines branch yesterday to be told his meaning of getting back to me with an answer which he promised me, is to inform  the officer in charge who is a Miss Peck Yen Yen about my visit to HDB.

3) Officer in charge of my case, Ms Peck Yen Yen has on multiple occasion ignored answering this question indicating to me that this is going to be covered up/ignored and i have to bite the bullet for the mistake of others.

From the way HDB is responding, I can clearly see they do not want to acknowledge or even look into this matter. They are just trying to cover up what could possibly be a mistake by their own staff. In a few months time it will be 1 year since i brought up this case yet till today no news about it.

I took the advice of the HDB officer and signed the documents in 2010, trusting a government servant could be trusted and being the subject matter specialist i would be offered the best advise.

In the end I have to pay for the mistake of that officer.

Worst part is my innocent wife and 2 month old son have to suffer together with me. My wife and son are currently in Vietnam and they will be joining me here in 2 months times, where i have to provide a house for my family.

If I am to rent from the open market, we will be left with not much cash for ourselves. I hope someone can help a fellow Singaporean who has been cheated. I have attached some past correspondence with regards to my case.

Thanks for the time taken to read my case and I hope someone would look into my case. I seriously need help here. Every time I write in to Ministry of National Development (MND) the case gets referred back to the same HDB branch office which is trying to cover up this issue.


Clarence has also forwarded this letter to the Prime Minister’s office, Director of HDB and many more officer bearers. No replies have been received till today.

According to Clarence, Straits Times did not carry his story when approached.

TOC has written to HDB on this matter and has not gotten a reply from HDB at the point of publication. We will include the response once they have replied.

The corresponding documents provided by Clarence

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