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Mindef responds to allegations over patent rights

The Ministry of Defence has responded to allegations that it had infringed patent rights of the Station With Immediate First-Aid Treatment (SWIFT) vehicle. Mindef’s statement, which was posted on its Cyberpioneer Facebook page on Tuesday: Some of you may have come across online articles alleging that the mobile battalion casualty station (BCS) bought by MINDEF had infringed MobileStats Technologies’ (MobileStats) patent …

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Notable Singaporeans who doubt the truth of the “Marxist conspiracy”

Bertha Henson is latest to join the list of notable Singaporeans who have cast doubts on the 1987 arrests of 22 social workers whom the Government described as “Marxist conspirators”. Ms Henson was a former associate editor with the Straits Times, and was involved in the coverage of the arrests in May 1987, at a time when she was a …

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Bad memories (from Priest in Geylang)

By Bertha Henson A couple of weeks ago, my publisher asked if he could play an excerpt from a video made during the launch of my book, Troublemaker. He was interested in the portion where I had been asked about the worst time of my journalistic career. I had replied that it was during the Marxist conspiracy of 1987. His …

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Does proposed alcohol ban have genuine public support?

By Ariffin Sha There shall be no alcohol in public places from 10.30pm to 7.00am everyday. Yes, none at all. Even if you’re having a BBQ by the beach, you are still subject to this law unless you have successfully applied for a liquor consumption permit. Also, if you’re  suspected of being in possession of alcohol, axillary police are empowered …

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New Govt powers – access to personal income status without consent

Under new legislations for the implementation of the Medishield Life scheme, which will kick in later this year, the Government will have access to the personal income and health status of Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs). And they can do so without the permission of the persons being checked. This was revealed in Parliament on Monday by Health Minister, Gan …

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Full benefits of Medishield Life? Surrender personal information first

The new MediShield Life Scheme Bill tabled in Parliament yesterday, 19 January seeks to grant wide-ranging powers to the administrator of the scheme to access the income and health status of policy holders, without first gaining their consent to do so, reported local media. Policy holders can opt out of having their personal information accessed, but will then not be eligible for income-related subsidies …

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