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Busker at woodlands MRT purportedly harassed by SMRT staff

Yesterday, TOC shared on our facebook about a post by Ms Zarina Jaffar on Mr Suhaime Roa, visually handicap busker and is a father of 4 children. She wrote that Suhaime is a prolific song writer and singers back in the 80’s. For the past few years he has been busking at Causeway Point and Civic centre, Woodlands. It is …

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Don’t offer foreign workers as scapegoats for our income disparity problems

By Irene Choo TODAY’s headline “Foreign worker curbs to reduce income disparity” is not only misleading, it severely under-estimates the intricacy and scope of widening income gap between the rich and poor in our society. While we applaud the tightening of foreign workers policies to reduce blue collar labour competition, we are sceptical about its effectiveness in creating better job …

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Activist and opposition party member files police report for harassment

Osman Sulaiman, activist and member of opposition party, National Solidarity Party has shared online, a police report which he made about him being tracked by suspicious individuals. In his note, he shares that he have been followed by a black Toyota car for a few times and that he confirmed that it was indeed shadowing his movement after some deliberate …

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Public consumption of liquor to be restricted

If the new Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Bill is passed in Parliament, you will need a “liquor consumption permit” if you want to consume liquor at a BBQ pit in any parks in Singapore between 10.30pm and 7am. The Bill, tabled in Parliament also on Monday, stipulates that “retail shops islandwide will also not be allowed to sell take-away …

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Pitfalls of absolute power too great to risk

By Ghui Transparency is of utmost importance in building a system whereby the ruled are not oppressed or browbeaten by their rulers. Transparency can be fostered in a number of ways – having robust opposition parties to question the incumbent to ensure accountability and a free press to keep the powers be in check. Information is an essential commodity for …

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