Daily Archives: 2015-01-18

Weapon of the powerful?

By Hong Lysa Wondering about The Response to Poh Soo Kai, “Singapore’s ‘Battle for Merger’ revisited: the poverty of its history”  Battle royal The Battle over Operation Coldstore—between the PAP establishment case that the fateful arrests of 2 February 1963 was rightly justified as a security measure that saved Singapore from subversion and imminent outbreak of violence, and the former …

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Book reading for Priest in Geylang – sharing the good old memories

By Howard Lee “I would not like the book to breed a nostalgia of our past youth. That would be negative and would only breed resentment. I’d rather like the book to contribute to the opening of imagination for the future.” –Fr Guillaume Arotçarena, email dated 2 January 2015 The crowd of about a hundred packed into the small auditorium …

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