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A reader shares his not-so-pleasant experience with an Airforce personnel at the gas station.

I recently had an encounter with a Republic of Singapore Airforce (RSAF) Brigade General (BG) at a gas station.

After finishing filling up my tank at the station and returning from the cashier after paying, I got into my car to leave.

The car at the pump in front of me had already left by then and leaving a spot open. As I started moving off, a black VW Sirocco tries to squeeze in between the cars to get to the vacant pump. We both come to an abrupt stop to avoid an accident.

Instead of giving way to me even though he knew I was trying to leave, he then forces his way through to the vacant pump in front of me and parks his car at an awkward angle, leaving me jammed in and having to wait till he finished filling up before I could leave!

I called out to him and asked him politely if he wouldn’t mind letting me out first. He then proceeds to tell me (though we both know that I cannot fit in between the parked cars) to ‘Go ahead! Why? Got space what. Go lah!’

Of course I told him that there’s no physical way I can go in between. He notices my in car camera and must have realized that he’s in full No. 3 uniform with his bright shining star for all the world to see.

Grudgingly he relents but instead of clearing a path for me, he proceeds to maneuver his car within the white parking lines.I thanked him and maneuvered to leave. It was still a very tight fit and the petrol attendant had to help marshal me through.

The person who posted this video to TOC comments on the incident,

“I think this chap is severely lacking in goodwill and consideration towards his fellow man. He doesn’t look like he will go out of his way even a little bit to make things better for anyone. I don’t think he will ever give way if he doesn’t HAVE to. Very self-centered.

Maybe it’s because he is used to his position and people serving him and giving way to him in his professional life and environment that he expects it even in the real world.

Thoroughly disappointed in a uniformed personnel. And one of such high rank. So much for ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’.”

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