Photo; New Paper

Rats nest found in Clementi hawker centre

Photo; New Paper
Photo; New Paper

The New Paper reported on Monday that a nest of 10 baby rats “was discovered on top of an exhaust pipe located above a stall at a Clementi hawker centre last Tuesday.”

The paper said the nest was made from scraps of paper and shredded plastic bags, and that the stall owner had immediately disposed of them.

The New Paper said:

“According to Mr Patrick Sze, 56, the chairman of the Clementi Centre Market Hawkers’ Association, the rat problem surfaced only after the renovation of a nearby coffee shop last month. Rat burrows were also found in the grassy field just behind the centre. The Hawkers’ Association is working closely with the National Environment Agency and West Coast Town Council to resolve the issue.”

Clementi is under the West Coast GRC which is in the charge of the People’s Action Party (PAP) town council there.

In mid-December, hundreds of rats were seen in broad daylight at a field near the Bukit Batok MRT station.

Pest controllers had to be called in to eradicate the menace.

Some criticised the MP of the area, David Ong, for allowing the infestation to take place.

The authorities, however, laid the blame on members of the public for feeding the stray dogs in the area and leaving food in the open, which attracted the rats.

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