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Three property investment mistakes you should avoid in 2015

By Property Soul No matter what your new year resolutions are, it’s time you said goodbye to your bad habits in property investment. If you are buying a private home in 2015, avoid making these three common mistakes. Mistake #1: Rush in and get burnt. According to URA, there are 88,627 uncompleted private residential units, including Executive Condominium (ECs) in the …

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TTSH bombarded online with negative comments over staff’s comment

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)’s fanpage is being bombarded with negative comments on the handling of the case which involves one of its staff who have made a comment which many deem to be derogatory or hurtful towards Singaporeans. Up to 2700 comments have been posted on the fanpage on the issue. Majority of the comments criticise and question the …

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Immigration: Are Singaporeans winners or losers?

By Tan Jee Say “There are gainers and losers of a country’s immigration policy. Gainers are the users of immigrant labour namely, employers and consumers. Losers are native workers who compete with the immigrants.” A simple, logical and bold statement from one of the world’s leading scholar-researchers on immigration economics. When I met Professor George Borjas at the Harvard Kennedy …

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SG50: 50 Things you can bet that are not going to change in 2015

By a Concerned citizen SG50: 50 Things you can bet that are not going to change in 2015 (i.e. they are here to stay come what may)—hope to be proven wrong (not in any order of merit): 1. More new citizens and Permanent Residents 2. Increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the main growth strategy 3. Rising cost of living and …

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