Friday, 29 September 2023

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“Only good citizens will provide insights to the blind spots of the government”

Comment by David Tan

To be fair, within the ranks of the current government, there are good leaders but whose hands are tied by the Party whip! This is where their conscience comes into play!

I am sure that before they joined the People’s Action Party (PAP), they must have held certain life principles and social concerns. They cannot be blind or deaf to those values that they held dearly. They thought they could change once they are inside but unfortunately they cannot.

This is where they are stuck- to continue, they face the back lash of citizens like many of us where we can see wrongs, the unfairness, the injustices and yet these principled guys are still not voicing out or giving token views.

To stay out, they lose all the status, power and money! They either stay or ship out ! Not an easy decision and this is again where political calling comes in!

Any political party that is next in the government must not be personality led and controlled by just one person or one family!

There must be a limitation to the terms of office of the Prime Minister. The Civil Service must always remain independent from the ruling Party in Government and Permanent Secretaries and Division One and Division Two officers must not be members of any political Party.

Civil servants must be legislated and tasked to perform their duties for the good of all citizens and not pamper to the wishes of their political masters. The Peoples Association, The trade union, the Resident Comittees (RCs),  Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs) and whatever must be cut off from the political party in power and be individually held accountable for their roles and responsibilities. Pay the civil servants and all other officers well so that they can be motivated to do their jobs better. Any one who under performs will be accorded the necessary consequences.

That way, we can always have an excellent civil service no matter which political party comes into power. What is the use of day in and day out, reciting the National Pledge when we all know equality and justice are never in place! I found that so hypocritical now!

Back then in the 70s when I was a teacher in Raffles Institution, I was tasked to lead in the National Pledge and conduct the National Anthem. I was so proud and honored when the then Principal of RI, the late Mr. Philip Liau gave me that responsibility. Each time I stood in front of the School to lead.the Pledge and sing the National Anthem, pride soaked me to the fullest.

The old guards of Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratham, Hon Sui Sen, Howe Woon Chong, Ong Theng Cheong, Ong Pang Boon, Toh Chin Chye and many others pus the then Lee Kuan Yew, stood and fought for us. Today, Lee Kuan Yew is not his old self and the Lee Hsien Loong led government is no where, a glimpse of the old guards.

Greed for self wealth, power and status have since taken place and most newly parachuted ministers and MPs are not led by a political calling but by “What do I benefit by being in PAP and being field as an MP and hopefully, selected as a minister”

PAP supporters need to use their brains and hearts when they see and read alternative views and angry out bursts by citizens. No good citizen will oppose any good government . Only good citizens will provide insights to the blind spots of the government.

PAP Internet Brigade (IBs) have been instructed by their political masters to criticize, tear down and demolish views in the social media which are not aligned to what they want to hear and read! Shamefully, these IBs are masked, those and use fake names for such unethical tasks! If they are Singaporeans and are ashamed of the names given by their fathers and mothers to lash at fellow Singaporeans, they should re-awake from their slumber!

Maybe they have forgotten that they too have children, elderly parents to look after too, relatives and friends who may be in need of medical care, siblings and relatives who need housing; who need to marry and whose young children need child care and education…

If they still believe all that the PAP says is Gospel Truth, then they have absolutely no right to complain when one of theirs is disadvantaged or unfairly treated!

This comment first appeared at the post of Fabrication of PAP.

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