Daily Archives: 2014-12-31

#FaithInLupCheong exposés the exposé

Just when you thought the whole Xiaxue versus Gushcloud expose and retaliation was over, Singapore’s leading trolling site, SMRT Ltd (Feedback), at the request of their fans today posted an expose on Xiaxue’s attack on Gushcloud. “Many have asked, why is SMRT Ltd (Feedback) even involved in this? Why so kaypoh? Now, this article isn’t about invalidating Xiaxue’s claims, neither …

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TOC Fireside Chat – 2014 News Review

2014 saw many social-political events happening in Singapore, and TOC was at the forefront covering many of them. We thought it would be apt for us to end the year by bringing together a few members of civil society to discuss some of the articles that have garnered the highest hits among our readers. The foreigner issue remains one of …

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A time for the victims to have their peace

By Howard Lee The brutal truth for any tragedy is that we can do very little for the first victims. The best we can hope for is their safety, the worst is that they are in a better place. For that, my heart goes out to the passengers of AirAsia QZ8501. But there is a lot that we can do …

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