Jay Choi Concert Sports hub
Jay Chou concert at the Singapore Sports Hub, Image – Sports Hub’s fanpage
Fans of the Taiwanese Pop-star Jay Chou finally got their chance to see him in performance on Saturday after his Opus World Tour concert was postponed to allow grass at the National Stadium to grow.
The tickets purchased for the original performance date of 8 November were still valid for use at Saturday’s concert but some had to change their plans due to the rescheduling. Some had to forgo the concert altogether, or find ways to sell off their tickets.
After announcement  for the postponement was made, all refund requests for the tickets was to be made by 9 November. But many of the die-hard fans would not miss a chance to see their idol perform live in Singapore.
Organisers said over 30,000 tickets were sold for the concert, but declined to comment on the number of cancellations.
Feedback for the performance was largely negative on the part of the venue, the National Stadium which is run by the Singapore Sports Hub Ltd.
Phobe Ng wrote for her review of the concert on Sports Hub’s fanpage.

“I think this is one of the worst venue for Jay chou’s concert, leaking of rain from the roof to lousy air ventilation and ever worst sound systems. I paid $342 to watch a huge TV. Thanks but no thanks. No more coming to Singapore Sports Hub for any concerts. Please just have concerts at Singapore Indoor stadium. (It) is so embarrassing if we have to start mentioning the amount of money spent on this stadium. Please improve the whole place before you hold any concert event.”

Angela Kang gave a hard hitting feedback on the fanpage saying,

It was raining and the roof was leaking INDOOR, and the floor was flooded!
Sound system was the worst I’ve ever heard of (I worked in a music production/concert company before). Mics are NOT WORKING! You don’t EVER EVER switched off the LEAD singer mic when he/she is on the stage singing! Not only that, one of the guitarists’ cable dropped during an entry into a song! Thanks to the drummer’s quick thinking if not there will be an awkward silence!
…By the way, I was sitting infront and these are happening. I can’t imagine those sitting behind who are getting 100 times worse than I am.
And what COOLING system? I can’t even feel a single bit of the COOLING system!
Do not promise BIG when you can’t fulfill even 10% of it!
First, you postpone the concert. Second, you FAIL TO DELIVER what was expected. We queued, waited, anticipated for hours and months. Not to mention the tickets are Sky High. We are willing to pay, hence you BETTER MAKE SURE YOU CAN DELIVER WHAT IS BEING EXPECTED, or rather what we had paid for.
The same concert held at indoor stadium was SO SO SO MUCH better! I don’t mind paying the same price for a smaller place!
Seriously, Singapore Sports Hub, you have fail big time and it’s a disgrace for Singaporeans!
Please DO NOT even consider holding any more concerts or even National Day there. If you do, it will then be a NATIONAL DISGRACE to all of us!”

Leaking roof? 

leaking roof sports hub
Image – Alain Er
Alain Er who uploaded the photo above said that it was leaking everywhere. Joshii Kor added by saying that the personnel on the ground only shifted those affected by the rain to another area where it was already full or areas where the fans could not really see the stage.
It is unknown if parts of the roof were really leaking but some fans have observed that as the retractable part of the National Stadium was left opened, rain got through and wind blew the rain onto a segment of the audience.
But what is confirmed is that the roof of the walkway leading to the MRT station is leaking. As shown in the photo below, the concert crowd had to open their umbrellas despite being under the sheltered walkway.
leaking roof along walkway to MRT
Poor sound system?
Fans had thought their idol had a flu or cold when they heard his voice being muffled but eventually they realised that the poor quality of the pop star’s vocal was due to the setting of the sound system and the enclosed open space of the National Stadium which creates the echo.
Some also noticed that Jay Chou gave signals to the musicians to slow down as the echo was affecting his tempo.
Michelle Chia wrote on Sports Hub’s fanpage, saying “The sound system is bad to the extent..Jay Chou sounds like he had a flu. I can hear echoes in the building. The stage is too low..it should be higher in order for every one to see him..I have been to all his concerts in Singapore and this is the worst one ever.”
Another unhappy fan, Hoong Sung Chan wrote, ” Really bad sound experience. Echo throughout the event. Can’t even hear Jay’s vocal at all except for the loud base. Very obvious lag seen on the big screen versus physical. Need lots of improvement. Disappointed…”
Someone who was seated right in front of the stage said he did not notice the poor sound quality as mentioned by the other concert goers and only got to know of it when he got back to read the comments of the others. “Maybe the distance made the difference”.
[youtube id=”Xat2Eqr1tdk” align=”center” mode=”normal”] Video by Amoii Darlinz
Huge distance between categories of tickets
Seat arrangements were of an issue to especially for those who were just a ticket category away from being seated close to the stage.
Xue Huiting wrote, “Please advise why is there such a big distance and empty space between Cat 1 & 2? Given that there is only a $30 difference for such a huge distance difference, your pricing is unreasonable. I couldn’t even see where Jay Chou was and the whole time just looking at the big screen. I didn’t pay cat 2 tickets to look at the screen. This has caused a super disappointing experience for me and my friends.”
distance pricing 2
Photo by Nikki
Poor handling by service staff at Sports Hub.
Concert goers were also not pleased with how the service staff reacted in light of the “leaking roof”.
Jean Low Li Peng wrote,

This is my first time to sport hubs and perhaps the last time. No supervisor had came forward to us to help us. Even after sending cleaners to clean up the seats, the rooftop is still leaking and we aren’t even given poncho either. We waited for 30-45mins for a supervisor to assist us but no one came so we all suffered from the rain drops throughout the concert. Our clothes and shoes are all wet.

However, some also added that staff were friendly, efficient and also helped to turn on stands fans after the cooling system did not serve its purpose.
Sports Hub Singapore did not reply to the negative feedback that have been posted on its fanpage.

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