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The problem with more government – killing political competition

By Benedict Chong In the previous article, we saw how the size of government had an inverse relationship with economic freedom. In this article, we will look at how well the ruling party has done in entrenching its interests on the political front, hence limiting the political freedoms of Singaporeans due to the lack of a competitive opposition. How the …

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Children handcuffed by police at Katong

A photo showing 3 kids being handcuffed by 4 policemen was shared by Shan Ang on facebook. The incident captured by her took place at 9.15 am at 112 Katong, the junction of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road. Ms Ang wrote in her post, “I just saw 3 very young kids under hand cuff. Pains my heart that the police …

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Train delays: Numbers from the Ivory Tower

By FAILRAIL.sg Channel News Asia had earlier reported on 18 December that fewer trains are being pulled out of service in 2014, as train withdrawal rates reach 2007 levels. In an interview with CNA, Transport Minister, Lui Tuck Yew said he plans to better this by lowering the rate to 2006 levels in 2015 – where under one train is withdrawn for …

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URA’s reply for “Public deserves reliable, consistent data”

By Property Soul I have written to The Straits Times Forum regarding the problem of inconsistent and incomplete private property transaction data. Below is my letter (Dec 18, Thursday) andreply from URA (Dec 23, Tuesday). Public deserves reliable, consistent data Published on Dec 18, 2014 THE computation of the HDB’s resale price index has recently been improved to give a …

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PAP ‘tai chi masters’ not needed

By Philip Ang The rat infestation in Bukit Batok has confirmed PAP politicians are irresponsible and always quick in deflecting blame also known as tai chi masters online. Every time an issue surfaces, PAP MPs and government agencies will absolve themselves of blame with mainstream media propaganda or expect nameless persons to take responsibility. PAP has indeed taken tai chi …

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The problem with more government – less freedom in economy

By Benedict Chong The year 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence. As a country, we have come a long way. Real GDP growth through to 2013 averaged 7.765% as Singapore was quickly catapulted into developed city status. But despite the rapid growth experienced within a generation, a perennial question rings; why are individual rights secondary to State driven …

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