Xiaxue, Gushcloud? Have #FaithInNewNation instead!

For the past couple of days, many have heard of the turf war between Xiaxue and Gushcloud. Some have started picking sides by using hashtags such as #FaithInXiaxue or #FaithInGushCloud.
The more cynical ones amongst us have even remarked that this whole ‘war’ might just be a pre-planned marketing gimmick which is beneficial to both parties.
Well whether you’re on the side of Xiaxue or Gushcloud or you couldn’t care less, I have news for you. There’s a new kid on the block in this Turf War and he’s about to revolutionize it. He’s going to leave Xiaxue and Gushcloud in the dust.
Move over, #FaithInXiaXue and #FaithInGushCloud. It’s now time for #FaithInNewNation.

Yes, you heard that right. Everyone’s favourite New Nation has joined in the fray. And when compared to Xiaxue and Gushcloud, New Nation is in a league of its own – miles ahead of the other two.

At 10pm on 23 December, it announced it’s grand entry into the war with two tweets that would put both Xiaxue and Gushcloud to shame.

Most of the debate between the two camps have been about ethics, or the lack of it. To say that New Nation has raised the bar of ethics with their debut tweets would be a gross understatement.

It then went on to display it’s philosophical prowess. It has to be noted that instead of telling the readers what to think, like what both Xiaxue and Gushcloud did, it left the question open ended to let readers formulate their own opinion. Pretty wise, I must say.

Here’s more. In one deft move, New Nation managed to cast doubts on not only Xiaxue, but the thousands of ‘influencers’ employed by Gushcloud. Just when you thought you couldn’t be more impressed by their wisdom, they did the impossible – pander to the cynics. Even Sun Tzu would have been proud on their move to win over non-believers without a battle.

And unlike both camps, they did spare a thought for our future too. Now if this isn’t 20/20 vision then I don’t know what is. The PAP would be awestruck by New Nation’s foresight.
At this point, most of you might be convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that #FaithInNewNation is the way to go. But for those Xiaxue and Gushcloud hardliners, I’ve saved the best for last.
The single most convincing argument in this turf war. No lengthy expose or official responses were required, it was encompassed in a single tweet.

As a Member of Parliament once wisely said, “I… I don’t know what to say.”

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