Daily Archives: 2014-12-26

Lim Ching Siong says: I’m not a communist

The following was written by Lim Ching Siong and published in The Straits Times on 31 July 1961. Your editorial comments and news reports in the law week have focused attack on me. By repeating the fiction that I am a Communist front-man. I suppose my political antagonists hope that it would stick in the minds of some. While Mr. …

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Improved methodology and equipment is better than just outsourcing

The Straits Times has recently reported that through the tender documents it acquired, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) is looking for civilian companies to take over the cleaning of the armoured vehicles from reservist soldiers, to further enhance National Service (NS) training efficiency. These tasks are currently carried out by armoured infantry troops or tank crews before and after an …

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Xiaxue, Gushcloud? Have #FaithInNewNation instead!

For the past couple of days, many have heard of the turf war between Xiaxue and Gushcloud. Some have started picking sides by using hashtags such as #FaithInXiaxue or #FaithInGushCloud. The more cynical ones amongst us have even remarked that this whole ‘war’ might just be a pre-planned marketing gimmick which is beneficial to both parties. Well whether you’re on …

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