Daily Archives: 2014-12-25

Banknotes of up to HK$15 million missing from road accident

Hong Kong – Up to S$2.6 million has gone missing after members of the public helped themselves to bank notes worth S$6 million that spilled across a busy motorway in Wan Chai at lunchtime on Christmas eve. The banknotes are from a cash transport vehicle which was involved in a road accident. Hong Kong police have asked the public to help …

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Xiaxue versus Gushcloud – clearing the storm clouds

By Ariffin Sha At 6pm on Christmas Eve, Gushcloud released their official statement in response accusations from local well-known blogger Wendy Cheng (also known as Xiaxue) about their unethical behaviour in the blogger endorsement business. TOC’s has earlier published a summary of Xiaxue’s blog post and Gushcloud’s initial response. Gushcloud had earlier posted a quick statement via an Instagram post together …

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Xiaxue versus Gushcloud – turf war begins (again)

By Ariffin Sha On 23 December, Wendy Cheng (also known as Xiaxue), a local well-known blogger published a blogpost which sent a lot of people on the internet on a frenzy. Hashtags like #FaithinGushCloud and #FaithinXiaXue started making their rounds around Twitter feeds and Facebook walls. The post, titled The Big Gushcloud Exposé, ran up to more than 5,000 words and …

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