Daily Archives: 2014-12-21

RM20 VEP charge for all foreign vehicles entering Malaysia from Singapore

Malaysia will be charging RM20 (S$7.55) vehicle entry permit (VEP) for all foreign-registered vehicles coming in from Singapore by the middle of next year. The Malaysian government is still considering whether or not to impose similar charges for vehicles coming in from Thailand and Brunei. Singapore currently charges S$35 VEP a day for four-wheel vehicles and S$4 daily for motorcycles except …

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Pitch at National Stadium to laid over with all-natural grass

  SportsHub Pte Ltd (SHPL) has decided that the pitch at the National Stadium will be all-natural grass after earlier reports that it would be reverting to artificial grass. However, the existing hybrid turf will not be removed but instead have the new pitch be laid out on top of it. However, one expert expressed his opinion to Channel News …

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PM Lee’s short narrative of merger history leaves much to be desired

By Terry Xu Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsieng Loong wrote on his Facebook page about the Battle for Merger exhibition, which he said was an attempt at “explaining what the fight against the Communists was about, and why Singapore needed Merger with Malaya.” He went on further to talk about the Communist Party of Malaya and the immediate threat which defunct political …

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The questionable practice of Grading on the Curve

By Jeremy Chen It is well known that in the more established public universities of Singapore, NUS, NTU and SMU, assessments of student performance are rank ordered and grades assigned, with restrictions on the required/maximum number of each grade given loosely derived from the normal distribution. This is the infamous “curve” by which students are graded and that has been …

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