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PAP’s Victor Lye given 1.5 years leave to do ‘grassroots work’

By TREmeritius Channel News Asia (CNA) reported on 16 Dec that PAP activists in opposition wards are gearing up for the coming general election. In the article, CNA said that 52-year-old Victor Lye was chosen to lead PAP activists at Bedok Reservoir-Punggol ward in WP-controlled Aljunied GRC. Mr Lye has apparently been working the ground there for the past 5 …

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Reduce voting age to eighteen

By Vox Lately, there has been much talk about the PAP calling a General Election soon. In light of this matter, I think it is important to once more discuss the issue of the age of suffrage. As a youth, I personally think that the current voting age at twenty-one is too high and should be lowered, perhaps to around …

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When ministers make wrong or unsubstantiated claims

There was a time when members of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) prided themselves on basing things on facts, and would go the length to sue anyone who would do otherwise. Things seem to have changed somewhat lately. Three recent instances show that PAP ministers have made claims or allegations which do not seem to be based on facts, …

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HOME: Migrant workers continue to be exploited because of their nationality, class and gender

This International Migrants’ Day 2014, we stand in solidarity with workers all over the world in their struggle for dignity and human rights. Migrant workers make important contribution to their countries of origin and destination. However, in Singapore, HOME has been witness to the afflictions of thousands of migrant workers, who continue to be exploited because of their nationality, class and gender. We …

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Round-up of Certificate of Entitlement in 2014

By COE SG charts Not all quotas went up, future bumper crop of COEs unlikely 2014 saw a rise in the annual quotas for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) in the different categories of Cat A (mass-market cars), Cat B (luxury cars) and Cat C (commercial vehicles). Despite the quota increase, however, COE prices underwent a slight moderation but prices have not …

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“Battle for Merger” exhibition does not reflect true history of Singapore

By Teo Soh Lung This morning I visited the Jurong Regional Library which is now hosting the Ministry of Home Affairs’ exhibition called “The Battle for Merger”. As expected, it was a one sided portrayal of Singapore’s history. The exhibits showed how the British and then, more importantly, the PAP and most importantly, how Lee Kuan Yew “killed off” the …

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