Daily Archives: 2014-12-17

Cuddles Cat Cafe up for sale, said cafe owner

Jonathan Tan, the owner of Cuddles Cat Cafe have announced that he will put his cafe up for sale, just one day into the supposed investigation by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) of the alleged deaths of cats and complaints on the cat cafe. Mr Tan wrote a post on the cafe’s official fanpage and sought forgiveness from the public …

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Is LTA’s new taxi app a redundant entry to the scene?

So Land Transport Authority (LTA) has just launched its own smartphone app, “[email protected]” to help commuters locate available taxis and to broadcast their location to taxi drivers for street pick ups. However, this app does not allow users to book a taxi. Instead, it helps you to broadcast your location and see how many available taxis are around the vicinity. The app shows the number of …

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“I suspect we have started to believe our own propaganda.”

An interview with Mr Ngiam Tong Dow, former head of the civil service, in 2003. (First published on Straits Times) Q. With all this pessimism surrounding Singapore’s prospects today, what’s your personal prognosis? Will Singapore survive Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew? A. Unequivocally yes, Singapore will survive SM Lee but provided he leaves the right legacy. What sort of legacy …

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Competition and the distortion of the Singapore way

By Benedict Chong The topic of competition has recently attracted much academic vitriol as a result of its perceived role in societal dysfunction, widening income gaps, insecure employment and of course, skyrocketing stress levels. In Singapore, the voices of people decrying competition as unfair, un-meritocratic and unfairly favoring the elite increases in decibel with every passing day. Admittedly, such assertions …

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Duty Bound – what you will not read in history text books

By Ghui As the year draws to a close, it is normal to reflect on the events that have taken place throughout the year. This is all the more so as the coming year will usher in our nation’s 50th milestone birthday. As we near our fifth decade, it is only natural to contemplate upon the achievements, difficulties, contributions and …

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Rollercoaster to showcase a house on sale

Thinking of how to showcase your house to potential buyers with that special touch of fun for that extra bit of attention? Well, someone had the brightest of ideas to build a rollercoaster track for the visitor to take a fast and enjoyable ride around the house. This project is part of a publicity campaign by Dutch Bank, ABN AMRO where …

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