By Hong Chou Hui
While some parts of Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong’s article (“WP town council and the sound of silence”; Wednesday) are well-written and persuasive, they do not represent a ground-level view of what is really happening in a Workers’ Party-held ward.
I am a new resident of Aljunied GRC and my estate is well-maintained and clean despite being about 20 years old.
The town council is efficient and responded quickly to a weekend appeal for a late-charge waiver not long after I moved in.
Contrast this to the GRC I used to live in, where hunting down the town council’s contact details alone was a fairly challenging task, and where the MP would show up only before or after a general election.
I have not had the chance to meet my new MP, but to his credit, he is easily accessible via e-mail and responds quickly to feedback and queries.
The spectre of Aljunied GRC turning into a slum, which had been raised by certain quarters of the ruling party before the last general election, has not materialised.
Local issues matter, and the WP’s track record speaks for itself.
This letter was first published at Straits Times

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