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SDP : PAP wobbles on its stance on CPF Minimum Sum

  Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has commented that the government’s recent announcement to be more flexible on the Central Provident Funds (CPF) is in response to the growing resentment towards the national retirement saving . The government has recently stated that it is willing to be more flexible on allowing a different Minimum Sum for different groups of people in its on-going review on …

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China authorities to severely punish Chinese travellers who disrupted flight

The Chinese authorities have vowed to severely punish Chinese travellers who threw hot water and noodles on a Thai flight attendant and threatened to blow up the plane after they were unhappy with their seating arrangements. China’s National Tourism Administration said over the weekend that the tourists had disrupted the flight, hurt other passengers and “badly damaged the overall image of …

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Local cat cafe investigated over death of cats and lack of training

Cuddles cat cafe, a local cat cafe is said to be investigated by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) over the alleged deaths of cats and complaints over matters such as lack of training by employees to handle the animals. The allegations are made by some ex-employees of the cafe, who said as many as eight cats have died while …

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WP’s track record speaks for itself

By Hong Chou Hui While some parts of Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong’s article (“WP town council and the sound of silence”; Wednesday) are well-written and persuasive, they do not represent a ground-level view of what is really happening in a Workers’ Party-held ward. I am a new resident of Aljunied GRC and my estate is well-maintained and …

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Political Satire — Just Laugh Or Don’t

By Simon “Singapore is clearly not ready yet for a serious political cartoonist.” When I read the above sentence from the recently published article by Kishore Mahbubani, I could almost imagine my former lecturers from NUS circling “clearly not ready,” before scrawling in red ink “Please elaborate.” One cannot help but wonder how Kishore Mahbubani, as an academic himself, could …

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Four useful expressions at showflats inspired by Taiwan girls

By Propertysoul Last month I went for a five-day trip in Taipei. After a 4½-hour flight, I was overwhelmed with fatigue and boredom. A lovely lady working in the Subway kiosk at the airport smiled at me a few meters away, using her coquettish voice to draw me to her eatery to order a sandwich meal. One by one, a …

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