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Singapore Press Holdings AGM 2014 – performance not rosy

By Gangasudhan Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday at the SPH News Centre, where its chairman, Dr Lee Boon Yang, gave an outline of the group’s performance to the shareholders. Contrasting against “rather unsettled economic conditions globally”, he described the net profit of $404.3 million earned as “creditable” although this was 6.2% less than …

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Meet Mistress Minky

By Elaine Ee Enter a room filled with about 30 to 40 men and women. It is early in the night and they are chatting amongst themselves, some are a bit shy. Only a little alcohol is consumed; everyone knows there is an unwritten rule that drunken behavior will not be tolerated. As the night wears on, people start to …

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A workable and holistic alternative public housing system for Singapore

By Jeremy Chen The Singapore government has introduced various measures to resolve Singapore’s housing issue. These include attempts to reduce excess demand by ramping up the supply of HDB flats, and introducing indirect price curbs such as ceasing to publish information on median Cash-Over-Valuation by town. However, there are serious shortfalls in these measures. In particular, their effect can only …

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Lazy government and employers the kink in Progressive Wage Model

By Dave Dee Why isn’t Lim Swee Say’s Progressive Wage Model working as well as it should? The government only legislates after a voluntary phase. Progressive Wage Model can be legislated any time, but the government chose a time frame to introduce and persuade employers to adopt this model voluntarily before legislation. Cleaners had to wait two years for the Progressive Wage …

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