Daily Archives: 2014-12-03

Statement of concern on Thio Li-Ann as speaker at EU human rights seminar

The European Union Delegation to Singapore is organising a half-day seminar to mark and raise awareness of Human Rights Day (10 December) on 4 December. Former Nominated Member of Parliament Dr Thio Li-Ann has been listed as one of the speakers, with the topic “International Human Rights Law and National Courts in Asia”. The following is a statement issued by various members …

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MARUAH: Pool of PWD skilled workers not to be overlooked

International Day of Persons with Disabilities – 3 December 2014 The International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 2014 will focus on the role of technology in three key areas: (i) disaster risk reduction and emergency responses, (ii) creating enabling working environments, and (iii) disability-inclusive sustainable development goals. The United Nations Enable website states that the main purpose of the day …

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When housing becomes unaffordable for the next generation

By Property Soul Just came back after spending five days in Hong Kong. During the daytime, we didn’t go to any popular sightseeing place except meeting up with friends and relatives. In the evenings, we went back to the hotel to watch the news on TV about the Occupy Central pro-democracy movement. A visit to the occupied zone With clashes …

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Nonchalant behaviour towards donors of artefacts

By Ms Hidayah Amin I read with interest the article ‘NHB’s stock of artefacts from the public grows’ in Straits Times on 14 November. Whilst it is heartening to know of increasing public’s generosity and civic-mindedness to contribute to our country’s heritage, it is also the responsibility of the receiving party to take care of such priceless contributions. I would like …

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