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No necessity to make unsubstantiated accusations against Singaporeans

By Teo Soh Lung It seems strange that Minister of State for National Development Desmond Lee, who is also the son of former cabinet minister Lee Yock Suan should issue a statement yesterday (21 Nov) accusing “friends, sympathisers and proxies of Workers Party (WP)” of spreading falsehoods and half-truths online. He should have known better. The use of the terms …

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Two Germans charged in court for vandalism and trespassing

Two Germans were charged in court on Saturday morning for their involvement in a case of vandalism of an SMRT train at Bishan Depot on Nov 8, 2014. Andreas Von Knorre and Elton Hinz, both aged 21 are alleged to have vandalised a SMRT train in the Depot earlier this month. Both of the two men were extradited from Malaysia earlier …

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Debt collection companies form industry’s first professional organisation

Ten local debt collection companies have come together to form the first professional organisation for debt collection company in Singapore. The colloation of debt collection companies is called the “Credit Collection Association of Singapore” (CCAS). The 10 founding member companies of the organisation are: Amequity Credit Management Consultancy (Asia) Datapool I-Credit Khoo & Associates KSC Debt Management Milliken & Craig Pinnacle …

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Father not told about baby girl’s injuries sustained during hospitalisation

A father is alleging that his one-month-old baby daughter suffered injuries while she was under the care of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH). Mr Muhd Darok Mohd Shaffir, the father and sole breadwinner of a family of five children, said that he was shocked when he found that the skin on his daughter’s feet was torn and there were bruises and …

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WP rebuts Desmond Lee’s accusations, says accounts open to AGO

The Workers’ Party (WP) “has not obfuscated or intentionally delayed” in responding to matters raised by the Minister of State for National Development, Desmond Lee. WP Members of Parliament, Png Eng Huat and Pritam Singh said this to the media on Friday. They were responding to Mr Lee’s accusations that the party was refusing to address questions about the alleged …

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