Announcements made in languages best served to inform passengers

We thank Mr Kow Song Tong for his feedback regarding languages used for announcements at Changi Airport (“Changi Airport announcements in English only?“, The Online Citizen 19 November 2014).

We are sorry to learn of Mr Kow’s unpleasant experience. While our public address announcements are primarily in English, Mr Kow was wrongly advised by the customer service agent that announcements could only be made in English.

Changi Airport’s policy is that, as far as possible, announcements be made in the language that best serves the objective of informing passengers.  This would include our official languages as well as foreign languages like Korean, Japanese, French and Spanish.  Where the duty announcer is not able to speak the language required, she will seek the assistance of a colleague in the airport who can do so.

We apologise to Mr Kow and his family for the stress they faced. We have discussed this matter with the customer service team and reminded them of the standard operating procedure for such situations. The customer service agent who spoke to Mr Kow has been counselled.

We look forward to serving Mr Kow better on his next visit.

Yours sincerely,
Albert Lim
Vice President (Airport Operations)
Changi Airport Group