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Aljunied’s surplus transferred to sinking fund when PAP lost to WP?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Lim on arrears: What’d happen if WP were in charge of SG?” (TR Emeritus, Nov 16). It states that: “Mr Lim (Boon Heng) said that the WP-run town council’s (AHPETC) swing from an operating surplus to a deficit in the short span of 3 years is worrying. “It begs many questions,” …

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The abusive PAP government may fall sooner than we think

By Phillip Ang Three weeks ago, the executive chairman of Banyan Tree opined that PAP could only lose power completely after 25 years. Last week, we heard Han Fook Kwang, SPH Editor-At-Large, speculating on the possibility that PAP could even be in power for another 50 years after losing, perhaps, the next 2 elections! Han correctly points out the challenges …

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The truth about our one party system

By Eden Chua Recently, I attended the parliamentary sitting on 3 November. During the course of my attendance in Parliament, I was told that with the PAP holding 80 out of the 87 seats in Parliament, it was a tremendous plus point for Singapore as bills could be passed quickly, thus benefiting Singaporeans in the shortest time possible. While that …

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Town Council debacle: That sinking feeling.

The following blog post was originally published on the blog, “A Singaporean At Home”. By A Singaporean At Home Just a quick answer to Bertha Henson’s question about whether the 70% of residents in AHPETC mind paying for the rest of the 30% of residents? No. I am not an expert where mathematical sums are concerned, but I do know …

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Wife’s status decides size of BTO flat?

Mr Yeo Shuan Chee is a Singaporean. His wife is expecting their first child in a couple of months. When Mr Yeo heard that his colleague, also a Singaporean, was considering balloting for a Build-to-Order (BTO) flat with his permanent resident wife who had also just given birth, Mr Yeo decided to give his own housing plans some thought. His …

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“Serious doubts” about Govt’s compliance with legal obligations

In a letter published on the TODAY newspaper on 17 November, Ms Goh Li Sian echoed an article on The Online Citizen (TOC) on 15 November – that the recent decision by the Court of Appeal (CA) on the constitutionality of anti-gay sex law, section 377a, contradicts the government’s position on the issue. In its decision a week ago, the …

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