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What if the PAP had said what Hong Kong’s Chief Executive said?

By Dinesh Dayani “Democracy would see poorer people dominate Hong Kong vote.” – Hong Kong Chief Executive, Leung Chun-ying What if the PAP had said what Hong Kong’s Chief Executive said? A few weeks ago, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong said that poor people would dominate the Hong Kong polls if the government yielded to the demands of the protesters. …

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Indonesian PRs cannot serve in SAF?

Two Indonesian citizens who are Permanent Residents in Singapore are currently under investigation after it was discovered that they had participated in a joint military exercise earlier this month in Magelang, Central Java. The Jakarta Post also reported that they have been “deported” to Singapore following the incident. The discovery posed an issue as under Indonesian law, it is an offence for …

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Police helpless against rampant renovation scams

By Terry Xu The Online Citizen noted in an earlier report that over 13 families were cheated by an interior designer who misrepresented his former employer, took their deposit for renovation work and disappeared with work left half done. The interior designer would accept the renovation jobs from the families, take the deposit, start the “renovation” work by hacking up the floor, and then disappear, …

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Know your place: S-League CEO tells players

The chief executive officer of the S-League, Singapore’s domestic football league, has come under criticism for what he said to players of the Tanjong Pagar United football club recently. It was announced that the club would not be participating in the 2015 competition “due to money”, as reported by the Straits Times last week. “We were unable to find a …

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Better protection for consumers who signed up for fibre broadband

By Andrew Pang I was one of many who signed up for the Fibre Broadband promotion (with MyRepublic) at Comex 2014 that was held in end August. Since then, I have not received any information on the installation, yet I cannot sign up with another service provider because MyRepublic has ‘locked in’ my contract. I contacted MyRepublic and they attributed …

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