The High Court on Tuesday overturned a District Judge’s decision to grant bail to Chinese national and Singapore permanent resident, Yang Yin.
On Friday, District Judge Eddy Tham set bail for Mr Yang at S$150,000, despite objections by the Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Tan Ken Hwee.
The prosecution then filed a Criminal Revision which allows the High Court to amend any irregularities in a decision made by the State Courts, even though no appeal has been filed against the decision of the State Courts.
Mr Tan argued yesterday that the judge Tham “was palpably wrong and had disregarded that Yang, a China national lacking roots in Singapore, was a high flight risk.”
“The proposed bail arrangements were perverse in that they appeared to approve of an arrangement where a Singaporean bailor would put up bail money furnished to her by Yang’s parents, he said.” (TODAY)
The prosecution had urged the court to set bail at S$800,000 given that it was suspected that Mr Yang had transferred some S$500,000 to his father’s account in China.
The money, it is alleged, came from the account of Mdm Chung Khin Chun, the 76-year old lady with whom Mr Yang had befriended and whose assets he was given legal authority to oversee.
Mdm Chung is now applying to the authorities to revoke the Lasting Power of Attorney she had granted to Mr Yang.
According to a TODAY report, Mr Yang’s lawyer, Wee Pan Lee, said the prosecution, in asking for the court not to offer bail and for no plea to be taken by Yang on his charges, was asking for Yang to be incarcerated indefinitely.
“This was indefensible, as Yang was not being charged with a capital offence, nor would his release endanger the public, argued Mr Wee,” TODAY said.
On Tuesday morning, the High Court revoked the order to grant bail to Mr Yang.
He is currently in remand and will reappear in court on Dec 4.
Mr Yang has been charged with 331 charges for falsifying receipts to his company, Young Music and Dance Studio between 2009 and this year.
If convicted, he could be jailed up to 10 years and/or fined.
He is also currently under investigations by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for possible immigration infringements with regards to his PR application, and is also embroiled in a civil suit lodged by the niece of Mdm Chung over Mr Yang’s alleged dereliction of duties towards Mdm Chung.

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