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Senior to lose deposit on studio apartment as HDB loan not eligible

By Terry Xu A Singaporean senior citizen, not aware that studio apartment is not eligible for loan from the Housing Development Board (HDB) lands himself in a situation where he is to lose his deposit and his would-be home for his new family. In December 2011, Ben, in his fifties, applied for a Studio Apartment (SA) for $170,000 from the …

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In Singapore, Afghanistan and the arena of ideas

By Dr Hakim / Dr Wee Teck Young “You didn’t know about the decision of the Singapore government to join the fight against ISIS?” she asked. I was catching up with another Singaporean, Lynette (a pseudonym to respect her privacy), who had previously worked in Kabul and who was back in Afghanistan to do a month-long community-based survey with a …

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TOC Ltd: Registration forms submitted to MDA, lingering problems

MEDIA RELEASE The Opinion Collaborative Ltd (TOC Ltd) has submitted its registration forms to the Media Development Authority (MDA) on 10 November, as requested by MDA to do so under the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification. In the interest of transparency, we are publishing with this announcement the blank forms that MDA had requested for TOC Ltd to complete, and also the …

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Enhancing CPF – gov’t panel wants your views

The Government’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) Advisory Panel is inviting members of the public to provide feedback on possible changes to the CPF scheme. This comes after the president announced on 16 May at the opening of Parliament that the government “will improve the existing CPF savings”, to “ensure that [Singaporeans] have enough for their financial needs in their golden …

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Only a few bad digital apples at Sim Lim Square?

By Gangasudhan The press conference by the management of Sim Lim Square on Friday included the nugget of information that there are about 10 retailers who have been blacklisted amongst the 500 operating in the building. Channel NewsAsia (CNA) and TODAY were kind enough to downplay the tone by declaring there are “Only 10 black sheep out of almost 500 …

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Public records counter exiles’ claims: Sam Tan

By Sam Tan Chin Siong Minister of State (Prime Minister’s Office) Just read this letter by Mr Ho Juan Thai defending his decision to run away from Singapore in 1976.  In the letter, he did not explain why the Police wanted to question him. Please allow me to set the context on Mr Ho’s leaving Singapore: Mr Ho had made inflammatory speeches …

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