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‘Foreigners are taking our jobs’, complain Singaporeans: Telegraph

The Telegraph newspaper website in the United Kingdom has reported that Singaporeans are complaining that “foreigners are taking our jobs”. “Despite a new policy designed to give Singaporeans priority over expats in the job market, young graduates from the city state feel they are being overlooked,” the Telegraph said. In the report, published on 4 November, the newspaper quoted some …

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Sim Lim Square, the best and only place for D.I.Y. computers

By Terry Xu I know some people have called for a boycott of Sim Lim Square following the recent Sim Lim Saga where a tourist was made to beg for his refund over a purchase of an iPhone 6. But note this: Sim Lim Square was never a place to buy handphones to begin with. You might have better deals at Funan …

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The PAP’s “aim number one” 60 years ago

The People’s Action Party (PAP) was formed on 12 November 1954. This year thus marks the party’s 60th anniversary. According to the PAP Facebook page: “Lee [Kuan Yew] formed the socialist People’s Action Party (PAP)… with a group of English-educated middle-class colleagues and pro-communist trade unionists…” The next year, 1955, the PAP nominated five candidates for the Legislative Assembly elections. …

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Tan Jee Say appointed as Harvard Fellow

Secretary-general for the Singaporeans First Party (SFP), Tan Jee Say has been appointed as a Harvard Fellow by Harvard University. Mr Tan will be traveling to Harvard University later this month to take up the Fellowship and will be based at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. The WCFIA was co-founded in 1958 by Robert Bowie and Henry Kissinger. Dr …

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Police reports made against Mobile Air

The Singapore Police have confirmed that “police reports have been lodged against Mobile Air”, the shop at Sim Lim Square which has been in the news this past week for allegedly unfair and dishonest sales tactics. The authorities also disclosed that it is looking into a complaint of intentional harassment at the shop which is located at unit #01-41 at …

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CASE – “Complains Are So Easy” but how about actions?

By Terry Xu By now, most if not all Singaporeans would have read about the story of how Mr Pham, a Vietnamese tourist was here on holiday with his girlfriend on Nov 3, and had saved up to buy the iPhone 6 for her. After paying $950 for the phone, he was asked to top up $1,500 for warranty. When …

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