COE prices: Gap between Cat B and Cat C vehicles further narrows

COE Nov 1st bidding

By COE SG Charts

In COE results on 5 November 2014, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) received 3,068 bids at the end of the November first open bidding exercise for Certificates of Entitlement (COEs).  Of these, 1,980 were successful.

COE for Category A (cars up to 1,600cc and 130bhp) ended slightly higher at $64,900, up from $63,990 two weeks ago.

COE for Category B (cars above 1,600cc or 130bhp) finished lower at $70,890, down from $72,002 previously.

Open COE, which can be used for any vehicle type but usually ends up mainly for bigger cars, closed at $71,300, down from $72,201.

Commercial vehicle COE, Category C rose from $61,000 to close at $63,701, while motorcycle premium ended at $4,290, down from $4,412.

The gap between Category B luxury cars and Category C commercial vehicles have narrowed even further; now the difference is just around $7,000. The COE for Category C has risen to 90% of the price of Category B.

Despite the increase in quotas for Category A and Category B, their prices have remained steady and have not dropped. Number of bids indicate healthy demand for cars of the two category.
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