Daily Archives: 2014-11-03

MND minister declines to comment on CPF protest incident

The Minister for National Development, Khaw Boon Wan, has declined to comment or respond to questions about the Hong Lim Park incident on 27 September. “It is not appropriate to comment on the incident or to give a view on what could or could not have prevented such an incident,” Mr Khaw said in Parliament, responding to MPs Denise Phua …

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What Singapore can become

By Khoo Boo Kian There is a definite Singapore identity and we can recognize it when we travel and meet another Singaporean (or Malaysian which is similar but not identical). It’s just that we have not become conscious and aware of who we are in the pursuit of the materialistic. We have a unique set of virtues and faults and …

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Singapore’s booming taxi-booking apps

By James Lim “Uncle, STOP!” a deafening scream suddenly pierced into my ears. “You almost bang into the car in front. You can go and die but I don’t want to die young, ok!” my lady passenger furiously scolded me. Yes, I had committed the most unforgivable sin for working on a third-party taxi booking Apps with my cellphone while driving. …

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MOM to hire PR firm to “coax journalists” to write stories

By Andrew Loh The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), headed by Tan Chuan-Jin, is looking to hire a public relations firm to help it “enhance” its communications for “better effectiveness”. According to press reports, the MOM has asked “for proposals for a plan to analyse public and online sentiments on manpower issues, and respond to them in an ‘integrated’ way, using …

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