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Parliament questions on CPF protest might be sub-judice: M Ravi

By Andrew Loh Two Members of Parliament (MPs) have raised questions about the use of Hong Lim Park after the 27 September incident involving the clash of two events, which has since led to charges being brought against one group of users of the park. MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Zainal Sapari, has filed the following question for Monday’s sitting …

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Yang Yin possibly facing “over 300 charges”

Chinese national and Singapore permanent resident, Yang Yin, could face “over 300 charges”, reports the Straits Times on Saturday. This revelation comes a day after Mr Yang was formally charged in court on Friday on 11 counts of falsifying the accounts of his firm, Young Music and Dance Studio. Mr Yang has been embroiled in the controversy over the legal …

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The paradox of metropolis

Aloysius Chia If you have not noticed already, we are in a headlong rush towards a particular vision of a city. This city, envisioned as one that is a harbour of modernity and often compared to the likes of Tokyo, London and Hong Kong, desires the qualities of speed, capital and energy. Within this mentality is the idea that the …

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The truth from a Singapore exile

By Ho Juan Thai After “To Singapore With Love” was banned in its home country, the Minister for Information and Communications Dr Jaacob Ibrahim had projected in his parliamentary statements on 7 October a notion that the People’s Action Party government is squeaky clean and that it has done absolutely nothing wrong that would cause the exiles to leave. Meanwhile, …

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Caretakers: Why did SPCA put down cat without contacting feeders?

Three weeks ago, a tri-coloured cat named Com-Bok was picked up by Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) following a call from the public. The “rescued” cat was deemed to be too sick by a vet engaged by SPCA and put to sleep the very next day. However, for several days and nights, Com-Bok’s owner and another caretaker went searching for …

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